Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents BARNUM BASH introduces the Ringling Bros.® Ringlettes, who are the stylish hosts of the swankiest circus party in town. The Ringlettes are ready to invite Children of All Ages® in on the hippest circus spectacular that The Greatest Show On Earth® has ever produced!

The fun begins with a rockin’ Pre-show party happening directly on the arena floor. Party goers could learn fresh dance moves from Ringling Bros. clown DJ Dean, style in glitzy costumes, learn balancing and juggling skills, meet and take photos with circus stars, and even step behind the curtain for an exclusive backstage experience which includes an up-close look at the most exotic animal menagerie only at BARNUM BASH.

Ringling Bros. Presents BARNUM BASH assembled the most amazing international cast who are tricked-out for the circus party and perform wild feats of wonders and strength, all to contemporary pop music and in 21st century Barnum style. Everyone who is anyone is invited to the party, except Anton, a loveable, goofy hipster clown, who just wants to be part of the fun. Ringling Bros. Presents BARNUM BASH is all the rage with outlandish thrills, hilarious high-jinks and majestic animals, but can Anton, with his non-stop laughable antics, persuade us all that there’s not just one right way to party!?!

Production Team
Producers: Nicole Feld and Alana Feld
Director: Rye Mullis
Writer: Jeremy Desmon
Choreographer: Tovaris Wilson
Scenic Designer: Rick Papineau
Costumes: Dawna Oak
Lighting: Sam Doty

Paula Nacsimento
Clarissa Oliveria
Maiara Cristyne